People are getting too SENSITIVE, Why are you SENSITIVE?

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YouTube – People are getting too SENSITIVE, Why are you SENSITIVE?.

People are getting too sensitive, but sensitive about what? Well, take a look at what’s happening in the American mid west and south where we see Tornadoes causing so much devastation and hardships in peoples lives. These people are extremely sensitive to any sort of rainfall, which immediately triggers worries that another Tornado is imminent.

In the Middle East, the youth are extremely sensitive to dictatorships that limit their freedoms. At the same time, the dictators are also sensitive to protecting their dictatorship roles in keeping people subdued. As a freedom loving nation, you can see why people would be sensitive to the subjugation that has existed in their lives for many many years. Now, we have hit a crisis point, where two forces that are sensitivity in their specific definitions collide. But unfortunately, it’s the dictators with the security and military forcesthat tend to momentarily control the show by killing and or imprisoning their own innocent citizens.

Where the dictators feel their armies and security forces may not be reliable, they will bring in paid foreign mercenaries to do their dirty work of imposing more and more fear into the minds of the people. But the people have found ways to overcome their sensitivity to fear by comparing the pain that their parents have endured over the years with even worse pains they now endure, and thus, they’ve resolved to solve this Dictatorial trauma so their own children will never experience it. Comparative THINKING must be a great impetus for solving social inequalities. Imagine the poor beginning to THINK comparatively???

Traveling further east to Japan we know that it is a country that has had many earthquakes for many, many years. The most recent one, as we all know, happened on march 11, 2011 and caused a great deal of devastation to the Japanese population and way of life. It is estimated that 20 to 30 thousand people lost their lives. The Japanese government intends to spend up to 300 Billion dollars to rebuild the country.

People are in constant trauma, must be the theme of this article. People in Japan are now walking around in fear, indicated by their sensitivity to tree branches shaking in the wind, and they thinking that the earth is rocking underneath them, when, in fact, the earth is perfectly steady, and there is no earthquake.

Why do people carry these perceptions within their heads? The doctors in Japan and elsewhere are baffled and are trying desperately to find ways to help people deal with this type of anxiety and trauma. The only thing that they can do is to overdose people on drugs that alter their perceptions. We at the Dohgon University of Thought know that the answer is very simple. It is all neurological. But to understand the neurology of it, we must go to the mind, where the problem begins. The doctors, unfortunately, cannot even separate memory from mind.

Memory is where all sensory experiences are stored. The function of the mind, on the other hand, is to bring pure information into memory from the spirit. Western science is inept to talk about Spirit, so it will always cry foul, which is why we welcome it to dispute this FACT. The Power of Spirit is explained with The Dohgon, who knew about DNA before western science was able to see it under microscopes. The Dohgon knew about the Sirius star system, 50 Trillion miles away, before western science spent billions of dollars on telescopes to see it.

Pure energy in the dark universe is from where your spirit emerges. Outside of there, your spirit becomes your mind and so the purity of the dark universe comes into you through your Spirit. This purity eventually exits your mind and enters your memories to influence the calmness, the patience, and the peace that is there in the dark universe. The Dohgon are very confident talking about Spirit because of our understanding of time bubbles and that time will eventually become space.

Again, the Dohgon welcomes all scientists on the planet to dispute our understanding of how time bubbles transform into space. There are no theories here. We do not subscribe to theories. Before time there was no space and no anti-matter rubbish. We can demonstrate how time becomes space and how, before there was a single star in existence, there were only waves in The Dark Universe.

Western scientists have embellished a great deal of fear, so they are extremely sensitive about competing sciences. Thus, instead of researching how to solve humanity’s problems, the majority of them are engaged in destructive projects, such as upsetting the natural flow and dynamics of the planet with more devilry warfare tactics, as in Platform warfare. HAARP technology, which induces massive vibrations in the crust of the earth that causes disasters, is now their favorite system for global domination and human enslavement.

Everyone must be sensitive. The Arab youth definitely have a reason to be sensitive. The Japanese people also have a reason to be sensitive. But dictators and scientists have no reason to be sensitive because what they possess is for everyone. In their case, GREED is their motivation for being sensitive in order to deny others what’s due them.

Therefore, in order to address sensitivity, we should learn how the mind interacts with memory. All those people in the hurricane struck areas of the US, along with the people of Japan, are allowing their minds to become too sensitive and therefore taken over by fear. The situation in the Middle East is different and it should serve as an example, and this is why:

The Middle Eastern youths are directed by Spirit, which is in response to the natural state of humanity. People must exist in peace and freedom and without fear. The youth stay on the streets telling the dictators that they are not afraid of the guns, bombs, and snipers. From Tunisia to Syria the people are waking up and as many die many more are willing to die in their place.

Why are the youth making these very painful sacrifices? The youth are making these sacrifices to prove that as humans beat their chests as having achieved the highest level of civilization, they are still as barbaric as they were during the early days of europe. So, if your anxiety is too much to bare the barbaric state of man, know that you are not alone in your fight. The dark universe is acting on your behalf. It is giving you messages of what is to become.

Your situation may not be as severe as the examples above but the lesson is clear, sensitivity can be manipulated by outside forces, Forces that produce fears that block the messages from your inner Spirit. Come to the Dohgon and rediscover your true gifts, powers and purpose, which you were tricked to relinquish.

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