BLACK Hair- Waves are in, straight is out

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YouTube – BLACK Hair- Waves are in, straight is

Straight devil deceptive hair

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For all you Black AfRAkan sisters out there Professor MOmOH is the beholder but you turned the tables around. Now you say I am no longer your beholder. You say the Jew is your beholder. You say the caucasian is your beholder. Wait a minute my sisters, who teaches you the true science? Who tells you that you are that Buddha that the Asians out there worship. Look at the Buddha’s hair. That hair is the wave. It’s the natural hair of your ancestors. Listen to what I’m telling you now, Waves are in, straight is out. I have written a book so get your copy of the book now. Here is what you will get.

Get the science!

Get the Spirit!

Get the Dog out of your brain!

Get the Asian hair out of your scalp!

That’s right! In this book you will get the science that shows you who you are. I will teach you the spirit behind who you are so that you can get the dog out of your head because the straight hair that you have on your head is dog hair and Asian hair that doesn’t belong to you. It’s time to reclaim the Buddha. I will teach you the real science. Straight is out! Straight hair means ugly Black women with bad devil hair. Waves are in. Kinky hair means good hair, beautiful AfRAkan black hair. It is called Kinky 6 and you can read about it in this book. Kinky 6!!!

The 6 represents the Black Carbon. I will teach you about Carbon 666 and what it means. To be very brief, the atomic number for Carbon is 666. It means 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons, and 6 Electrons. This is what Carbon is about and furthermore Carbon 666 represents 6 very important 0s as well. That means you AfRAkan Black women are: Omni-undulating, Omni-magnificent, Omnidirectional, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent

Omni-undulating means you are flexible. You are a woman of wisdom. You are a woman that can control the world and the universe. You are like the waves of the ocean America manufactures ships that are thousands of tons and can still ride on the waves so what makes you so weak now my sisters. I’m ashamed of that straight hair that you now have.

Omni-magnificent means that you are magnificent all around. Omnidirectional means that you have the ability to raise children who will be kings and geniuses. They could be like Imhotep and you are throwing that away my sisters. You are sick with your straight hair. Omniscient stands for the perfection that is inside of you and yet you throw it away. Omnipresent just like you are here with me know and you will be with me forever. Omnipotent means that your potential is there forever. Look at me for example. Look at the power and ability I have. Why don’t you raise your children to be just like me and greater?

Good kinky hair

James Brown said in the 1960’s, I am Black and I’m proud. I’m like the Bees, I fly. I would rather stand up on my feet and die than to die on my knees. My sisters you reduce your power by putting on that bad devil hair you buy and call it good hair. You are dying on your knees. Your children are dying on their knees. The person that you think beholds your beauty is not even teaching your children anything. He is miss-educating your children. Can’t you see that? No, you can’t because between your skull and your brain you have all that grease that you are putting into your head. That grease is now blocking the waves coming from the universe into your brain.

Therefore you can’t concentrate. Therefore you are confused. Therefore you play a brother against another. Therefore you don’t know where you are going. You are going where you shouldn’t be going. Therefore you are on drugs. Therefore you are prostituting. Therefore you are deceptive. If you are mad at me I want you to communicate with me. Tell me that I’m wrong. If you want to fight, I am ready for the fight. I don’t care how strong you think you are or your backers are. I’m stronger than them. No one can touch me. I am the Dohgon high priest, Professor MOmOH.  Visit my website, leave me a message.

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