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Procrastination is a disease from which people have learned to escape. You know you
procrastinate and you know that it is a disease that has come in your way. It hinders your progress. It affects your relationships. It even affects your interactions with your children. You know procrastination is very unhealthy.

You may not see the consequences right now because you are young and you believe that you can get away with things. But you wait until you get to about 50, or 60, or 70 years old. Soon you will have problems that you can never solve. Simple problems yet you cannot solve them yourself because you chose to put things aside and not become acCOUNTable.

Count, Count, acCOUNTable, ac-COUNT-able! That’s what you chose. You chose to be lazy! You chose to be un-acCOUNTable. You thought that things can work themselves out and solve themselves without any effort on your part. You know you are wrong. You can see that in your mother who is 60 and cant even stand up. Your father is barely over 60 and is walking with a cane. He cant think, he cant do anything.

You know that is what procrastination does so you better change your ways right now. Come to Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon University. Contact him and he will begin to pull you out of the rut. You are escaping your responsibility as a living Soul. You dont want to deal with your feelings because you want someone to lie to you. Well if tou cant wake up now out of those lies, good luck to you!

Continue with those lies that they teach you about the Right Brain. Professor MOmOH will not be easy with you. He will be hard on you because he wants to take you away from the Right Brain. Everything that we do that is wrong we do it because we want to cater to the Right Brain. I bet your psychiatrists, your psychologists, your neurologists, and whatever they teach you in their medical schools will be different than what Professor MOmOH is teaching.

Afrakan people, you will find out that what they teach you is wrong. It is time to end the procrastination. Move on from them and come to the right science. Come to Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon.

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