White Noise = Black Failure – YouTube

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White Noise = Black Failure – YouTube.

The entire world is at a point now where there is no other way to describe the dynamics of human existence but to look and say, The AfRAkan race is the poorest, the hungriest, the sickest, the worthless and the caucasian white race is the richest, the most advantageous. Everything that makes humanity feel good about itself the causasian has it. So this is the dichotomy, A dichotomy between success and failure.

Is this the way that the planet was designed to function? We certainly know that that’s not the way the planet was designed to function because if we go back hundreds of thousands of years ago we know that the only race on this planet was the AfRAkan race. It was because of our ability to venture out of AfRAka that all the other races came about. The first race to come out was the causasian race.

We lived in the caucasoid mountains of europe and asia and for about 10 to 15 thousand years we did many things that we were not supposed to do. What came out of that existence was the caucasian race. As the caucasian race interacted back with us then the other races began to come about. That’s how all this racial thing came about but for almost 900 thousand years there was no other race on this planet but the AfRAkan.

So what happened? Well after the caucasian race came out he didn’t have any more melanin in his skin color. And as we all know melanin comes out of melatonin. Melatonin is produced by the Pineal Gland and the Pineal Gland produces Melatonin at night. So there is a time functionality within melatonin production. So this here is the basic thing that we have to understand, the caucasian race lacks Melanin in his skin color.

What we are facing here is a race of people that don’t have Time functionality. Everyone knows that Melatonin is produced at night by the Pineal and that Melatonin is what goes down into the Keratinocytes during the process where a baby is going through the developmental process as the brain is being developed in the womb. It is during that time that if the mother has enough Melatonin being produced by her Pineal Gland then the baby that is being developed will also begin to receive that kind of a process in producing Melatonin.

So with that process the baby then begins to send its own Melatonin into the Keratinocytes to the skin and this is where Melanin is then formed. Therefore a race of people who don’t have any Melanin, you have to know that their ability to deal with Time is very lackadaisical. What you get out of that is, since these people are not in tuned with Natural Time they created their own concept of Time.

Look at the way that time has been defined in terms of simultaneity. Of all the scientists the only scientist that ever defined simultaneity very accurately was Isaac Newton. He said that time is mathematical and the reason why Newton said that because the mathematical aspect of anything is abstract. So Time is abstract! But then this man einstein comes and he said that Newton and his followers got the whole thing wrong. So he began to make a reference point for Time.

Einstein made Time physical because this man and all his followers don’t understand the abstract nature of mathematics and they don’t understand the abstract nature of time. This is what we have today, because of their direction in that particular area of Time. Now we see the caucasian race as; Aggressive and Ambitious, because they have no concept of Time.

They are Barbaric. They have to go to war to get everything right now. They are Close-Minded. How are you going to open your mind when you don’t even realize what the essence of time is? Your time is always going somewhere else. That’s why einstein himself was an absent minded fool. They are Egocentric. They carry allot of ego around them. Why? What for?

They are Ferocious. When their ego is challenged they become ferocious and cant think, because if you cant relate with Time how are you going to think. They are Greedy. They want to acquire everything. They are Hateful. They have to hate because they don’t want other races to come near them because when the other races come near to them then they will fall apart. Therefore they have to be Inconsiderate.

They are Innovative. They have to be innovative to come up with different ways that they can stop the other races from coming close to them. And so innovation gives them the ability to create white noise. That White Noise technology is all the gadgets that they have today such as; TV, radio, cell phone, iPod, the many forms of music and entertainment. All of these things they put out there to hypnotize the other races while they continue to exploit them.

White noise does not give you the ability to think. White noise is a lot of rambling rambling inside your brain that stops you from thinking about anything constructive. With that you become Insecure. That is what they have so they pass that insecurity onto you. They are Jealous so they pass that jealousy onto you. You then get jealous of your own people and color. That is all because everything is geared toward materialism and being Materialistic.

Now lets look at the AfRAkan race and the personality of the AfRAkan race. The personality of the AfRAkan race is, we are; Moderate. We are not aggressive. We are Purposeful. Where they are ambitious we are purposeful. We always look for a purpose in life. We are Communal. We always embrace other people. Whether they are our people or not we embrace them, even the caucasian. Why do you think there are so many caucasians out there in AfRAka.

Why do you think arabs have north AfRAka? Why do the dutch and jews have down there in South AfRAka? We are the only people who could accommodate such a thing. Which territory do you have in europe that is a Black territory? We don’t have territory in europe. So to continue, where we are Open Minded, they are closed minded. We are Simple Minded and they are egotistical. We are Mild. They are ferocious. We are Sharing. They are greedy.

We are constantly sharing. Even when you go to the inner city there is always that grandmother holding another baby’s hand that the baby is not even her own but she is caring for that baby. The grandmother will get her social security check and she will spend that money on her grand children. When the children’s mother is gone because she fell for the causasian white noise, the grandmother will step in and care for those children. That is Caring and Considerate.

When you look at all these qualities you have to know that the AfRAkan race are the only ones who are Creative, Because to be creative you have to engage your two brain hemispheres. Your two brain hemispheres must be communicating with each other consistently. And because of that communication there is always something that is enabling your brain hemispheres to work in unity. That something comes from your spirit. We are Spiritual, Loving, and Secure within ourselves that is why we are creative.

Now let’s find the logic behind all these personality traits that I have listed here. The logic is this, for the AfRAkan our thinking is Objective. This is for the thinking logic. Our thinking is objective while the caucasian is Subjective. Because their thinking is subjective they have utilized a particular number. That number is the #4. Whether represented as 4, 40, or 400, this is the number that they consistently utilize in order to destroy our race. That is because we are objective and they know that when you apply #4 to an objective thinking person you are going to confuse that person who’s number is Zero.

Zero is the origin of all numbers and so in their educational systems they don’t even teach your child to begin counting from zero. They just say start from one and go, 1,2,3,4,5 and so on. Then count backwards; 5,4,3,2,1. The child never mentions 0. They make you forget about your own source of power. That is because they are inflicting that logic of #4 into your mind so you are consistently confused.

So lets come now to you the teacher or you that Black person here in America or anywhere who is striving to rise up to a certain position but need to take a test. Before you take their test the thing you have to understand is that the way that they configure their test is all twisted. You may know the answers but because of the way the english language is formulated you are going to fail that test. Then they will say “see, the Black person has no brain at all to compete with us.”

It’s the same thing they did with the so called IQ Test. The IQ Test has no merit because there is no intelligence in the IQ test. The only way you define intelligence is in the concept of how a person Concentrates and Focuses. They know that they can’t concentrate because they don’t have any Melatonin in their thinking. They don’t have enough Melatonin because they produce a lot more Serotonin. Because they produce more Serotonin they have the ability to focus and so they focus on warfare, exploitation, and destruction.

That is why they have to come up with all these tricks to destabilize the person who has powerful concentration. That is why they try to control everything. They control the examinations and the tests so that they can impose their Subjective thinking nature into the way that the test is conducted. Also into the way that the test is taken so that you the AfRAkan person will always fail.

I am telling you now that you have to sign up for a series of classes where I will teach you to pass their tests. That is what I did with my son. At the age of 12 I pulled him out of the public school system. That is what I did right here in Long Beach California. Then the deputy of schools said that he was going to take me to court. I told him “you take me to court! But before you take me to court you get your best performing 17, 18 year old white student from your best school here, which is Poly High School.”

“You let that caucasian boy come to the court and let the judge give that 18yr old and my son 14yr old the same math and english test and you will see who will pass.” I told him also, “I promise you that you will also lose your job because my son will score higher than that 17-18yr old that you bring from your best performing school.”

This is what I’m talking about here. You sign up now because I know how to overcome their subjective tricks. I know how to override that stigma that they have put into you to fail and fail. You’ve got to come to the person who knows, who has the codes to de-code their nonsense. I’m professor MOmOH, sign up now.


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