Where Did God Exist Before Light?

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This is the question science should be asking because it provides the quest for further knowledge and Understanding about the proverbial questions of: who we are, where did we come from, what’s our purpose for being here, and where do we end up after our little terrestrial existences? Genesis 1:2 states

“And the earth was without form and void”

This tells us that initially there was only the dark universe. That was the essence of pure energy. Then genesis 1:3 says

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light”

Note; we are not being religious by quoting the bible; we are being as scientific as those modern scientists can be. On the other hand, what we present here is to go back to the source, the cause of how the cosmological universe came into being. We are going to exercise on Albert Einstein’s E=mc² theory and expand a bit on the photo-electric effect. Einstein’s formula for energy E=mc² means E stands for energy, m is for mass, and c² is the speed of light times itself. Energy = mass to the speed of light squared. What Einstein is defining here is energy in terms of light and mass.

The science that we the AfRAkan Dohgon use is different. Dohgon AfRAkan science has its own formula called the formula for cosmogony. Our formula is PE (Pure ENERGY) = 1-2-3-4   9-8   27   99-100. This formula has nothing to do with light. What it has to do with is that it tells us that we have to deal with waves, which is what pure energy is made of. The waves that we refer to are the waves in the dark universe and how these waves become transmuted or in other words as the process of transmogony goes along the waves divide into half waves, and then the half waves accumulate to become flux. The flux accumulates to become mass, and then after the mass accumulate it reaches a point of Critical Mass. At this point the mass transform into particles of matter. This is what we study.

Now getting back to Einstein’s e=mc². In his formula he deals with space/time which is a duality. In any duality one quality has to be the numerator and the other the denominator. Therefore space is the numerator while time is the denominator. Also in the Photo Electric Effect there also exists a duality. The duality is wave/particle. So wave is the numerator and particle is the denominator. There is something very wrong with this theory because it creates destruction.

In Dohgon cosmogony it does not work like that. In Dohgon science we also have a duality but in our duality it is particle/wave. We deal with particle/wave duality. In other words the particle is the numerator while the wave is the denominator. By this we create a situation where Light has to go back and discover the source from which it originated. In other words we have the science that traces light back into its source. Therefore there is no destructive nature to our science at all. That’s right, we trace light back to its source, not from its source to somewhere else where it creates destruction.

To understand the full meaning of our formula PE=1-2-3-4   9-8   27   99-100 you will require in dept understanding of Dohgon Cosmogony. Visit our website, the Dohgon University of thought for more information. Professor MOmOH is the world’s #1 scientist in the field of Cosmogony, from which Cosmology and Astrophysics emerged. Professor MOmOh is gifted with all the answers to every question pertaining to the brain, memory, Mind and The Universe.

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