Would You Like To Write A Book?

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There is a lie that states; “If you want to hide TRUTH from AfRAkan people, put it in a book

That is certainly not true because we know AfRAkans love reading books and at the Dohgon University of Thought we are writing many books for our people to read. What kinds of books?, you might ask. All kinds of books on every subject you may think of. Currently there are over 50 books in the works in various stages of completion. Professor MoMoh, the man who knows everything has encouraged his students to engage their thinking by writing books. He knows that everyone has the ability to write books. Would you like to write a book?

With the coming of the Aquarian Age, AfRAkans all over the world are waking up and seeking knowledge. However, most books pertaining to Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom in the world today are Subjective and therefore deceptive. That is because they are based on the European’s limited linear understanding of the universe. He doesn’t understand most of the information that he has stolen from the original peoples of the planet so he theorizes, philosophies, and destroys on his quest for world domination and supremacy.

At the Dohgon University of Thought Professor MoMoh teaches through Objectivity. He is on a mission to re-define reality based on TRUTH. At the DUT The first thing you will learn is that the only truth in the universe is Natural Numbers which produced everything in nature. With his extensive understanding of Natural Numbers, Professor MoMoh is able to explain the function and purpose of everything in nature as well as the human Brain and Mind.

The Dohgon University of Thought offers many curses of study which are designed to greatly increase your knowledge on such subjects as Concentration, Cosmogony, the Mind, the Brain, the Soul, the SPIRIT and Mathematics. As well, Professor MoMoh encourages learning in an open format by writing books based on questions you ask on subjects that interest you. So, do you want to join us in writing books? Don’t think you are knowledgeable enough or know how? Just provide the input and let Professor MoMoh do the hard work.

Start by choosing a particular subject, then simply compile at least 20 good questions that you would like Professor MoMoh to answer. After he answers the questions he will send you the answers in pdf form as well as discuss the questions with you. You then review his answers and ask him additional questions based on his answers. Before long you and Professor MOmOHs’ combined effort will have produced substantial information on the subject.

When you are satisfied with the results just let Professor MoMoh put the finishing touches on the project. You will be amazed with the results. You may share the books with your friends and family or as well you may donate sales of the book to the Dohgon University of Thought to help fund future projects. We have wonderful things in store. Join us!

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