Voodoo And AfRAkan Spirituality

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When many people hear the word voodoo, dark imagery of death and evil is conjured up. If you happen to be West AfRAkan, Haitian, or even Cuban and you are plagued by sickness you might think that a voodoo spell has been caste on you. You might even think that someone has gotten a lock of your hair or an item of personal value and has crafted a look-a-like doll of you. That person is sitting in a dark room everyday sticking the doll with pins and burning the dolls feet with fire to make you suffer. If you have ever done somebody wrong in this life you better watch out,(lol) pay back is a Bi%&%ch. But fear not, the truth is superstition is merely a fuel for the uneducated mind,

How did voodoo become associated with superstition? Voodoo was first observed in regions of West AfRAka. Upon first observations by European explorers, voodoo was classified as a form of ungodly idol worship practiced by the uncivilized tribal people. The slave trade brought voodoo from West AfRAka into the western hemisphere. Today voodoo can be found in practice in several countries including the United States. There are numerous myths associated with voodoo including the ones mentioned above. Hollywood further perpetuated the myths associated with voodoo by making it even stronger and more evil than it is in reality. One of the first James Bond movies, Live And Let Die, featured a blood thirsty villain who practiced voodoo to control his evil drug empire.

Due to the negative connotations, Voodoo has gained many superficial followers over the years. Occultists use it to engage in devil worship while fake shamans sacrifice animals in their fake ritual. These ritual practices vary throughout many areas of the southern United States, Cuba, Brazil, and the Caribbean islands. In Haiti where voodoo is more commonly associated with culture, it remains an integral part of everyday life. It is as popular as Christianity among the lower class people. Many people even assimilate it into their church practices because to them voodoo is not an evil ritual at all. They are simply engaging in a Spiritual practice that their ancestors back in AfRAka have been practicing for thousands of years. The Haitian people are descendants of those same West AfRAkans who used voodoo to connect to the Spirits.

AfRAkans never believed in a single god until European interaction. They knew that everything had a Spirit that had to be respected if there was to be peaceful co-existence with nature. In Voodoo there is a single all powerful spirit called Bondye that controls all the lesser spirits. Voodoo practices, or Vodouisants as they are known, pray to the lesser Spirits associated with such things as Rain, Love, and food because the all powerful spirit Bondye, is unattainable by prayer. Sadly, today voodoo is unable to escape the negative connotations placed on it. It has degenerated into a feared underworld cult and a tool for extorting money. Unscrupulous people use it to prey on the gullible as they do with psychic fortune telling and ghost whispering. Voodoo has become a tool for Spiritual misappropriation.

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