killing Africans

The Plot to Kill the AfRAkan

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In a recent news interview involving a so called “Population expert”, the topic of world over-population was being discussed. The expert expressed is concern that no one was paying attention to figures that predict that world population is projected to surpass 9 billion people by the year 2050. The news was not surprising to me because I have been hearing and reading similar news on a consistent basis. Some of these reports are even predicting that by 2100 the world population could hit 15 billion which is way beyond most previous estimates.

I suppose their concerns are justified because there are so many areas of the planet where famine and drought is ravaging entire populations. Aid organizations make a business out of preaching about the dire conditions of the so called “Third World”. There is no doubt that there is a crisis but what is cause for alarm to me is what these population experts are proposing to address the problem.

One foreign policy analyst working for the Center for Population Growth singles out AfRAka as the target region that they will be working on reducing population growth. She pointed out that AfRAkan fertility rates averaging 6.5 children per family as too high and the target goal should be around 2.1. Why are they picking on AfRAka especially when other so called experts are pointing out that fertility rates in the Middle East and South Asia are much higher?

The rate of population growth of the various countries of the world is calculated by determining the differences between their birth rates and death rates. Although most countries populations continue to rise on a consistent basis, most experts say that world population trends have experienced a surge in the past 40yrs due to the baby boomer effect in the developed world and not the third world. That analysis was quickly countered with the suggestion that some births in developing countries are not registered.  Which leaves me to ponder, if they are not registered in the first place then how can they be included in statistics?

There game plan, create a crisis then step in to offer solutions. One of the things that they say is that contraception is lacking in AfRAka. Many AfRAkans would love to have more forms of birth control. They even site studies that show that contraception was introduced in communities in Kenya that at first did not want it but after awhile it became completely accepted. I guess it is like saddling a wild horse. At first it resists but once you show that the saddle poses no harm the horse loves it. Wow! Come and save us from ourselves mr european.

These “animal tamers” are going as far as pointing out that the more educated someone is it’s the less they want to have children and that wealth also has the same affect. The University educated reasoning; The more money one has the less he/she will reproduce. Does Arnold Schwarzenegger know about that one? What about John Edwards? Wouldn’t you think that one of the solutions to help the Africans would be to stop raping the continent of its resources and let the afrakans develop their own wealth. By that logic they would be wealthy and therefore not have so many children?

To support their stance they point out that if the collective population of AfRAka continues to grow unchecked it could triple from 1 billion to 3.6 billion by century’s end. Their solutions therefore is to further intervene in the development of AfRAka. One method of intervention is to implement psychological measures through Aid Organizations. By expanding programs that educate the AfRAkan about contraception they will try to indoctrinate western values on the AfRAkan.

At the same time if they are not doing so already they will  spray pesticides laced with disease causing microbes that will make their way up through the food chain undetected. These microbes will form cancer and other diseases. They will do the same with the water supply. They will cut funding for AIDS research and Malaria. They will covertly incite conflict and war among the different tribes. They will flood AfRAka with drugs and increase tobacco and alcohol sales and call it free enterprise.

They will spread misinformation about the AfRAkan in their media to try to suggest that the AfRAkan is intellectually inferior and cannot help himself because he lacks the foresight to plan for the future. Ultimately they will say that they are not trying to tell the AfRAkan how to live, they are simply providing better choices for the AfRAkan’s benefit. They will call themselves humanitarians but we have the insight to know how and by what means the devil operates.

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