The Pineal Gland Is Not Redundant

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So I’m listening to the radio the other morning when I heard an interview with a (so called) medical expert. This medical expert/doctor and the radio host were discussing a condition called Winter Blues. It seems that during winter months many people are experiencing feelings of sadness, laziness, and even a lack of sex drive. Some even have to take drugs to function properly on the job or in their day to day activities and they cant figure out why. To find answers they are turning to their doctors in increasing numbers.

The medical expert explained that Winter Blues maybe known by many other terms but they all describe the same general condition. Winter blues is just another term for a state of depression brought on by a lack of sunlight. In winter months the northern hemisphere of the planet is tilted further away from the sun resulting in a colder environment. Sunlight in places like Canada and the northern states of the US is diminished.

For days at a time and sometimes even weeks there is constant cloud cover. The sky is grey and gloomy in color due to the sun being blocked out. Where people used to do fun things outside they now find it hard to go out because of the cold. I live in the north and I don’t get depressed from the weather but, I would think that if some people are getting depressed it’s simply because they cant do as much. They cant hang around outside and have fun like they do in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. I mean, besides Skiing and skating there is not much to do outside in the winter.

Furthermore, the medical expert explained that Winter Blues depression is primarily caused by the Pineal Gland in the brain overproducing Melatonin. He said that the Pineal Gland is in all mammals but in humans it is a left over bi-product of human evolution. What! At that point I had to pay closer attention because something wasn’t right about what he was saying. His explanation was completely contrary to what I learned about Melatonin from Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon University of Thought.

He continued by explaining that the Pineal Gland produces Melatonin when it gets dark and Melatonin tells the body to go into a state of rest and in some animals, sustained periods of darkness tells the animal to go into hibernation. He said that while Melatonin might be good as a sleep aid it causes laziness, slows brain function, and even weight gain because it tells animals to prepare for food shortage.

I consulted with Professor MOmOH from the Dohgon University of Thought and he explained that the Pineal Gland produces Melatonin and melatonin is a Transducer. A transducer is a system which changes one thing into another. In this case it transforms Light into electricity. The way that the transducer works in you is by what’s described as epinephrine release or E-release. E-release or epinephrine release and dopamine work with the nervous system.

Sunlight is important yes, but it is only one aspect of the connection between the physical and the Spiritual. The Pineal works with Waves and particles as it harnesses the cosmic radiation of the universe to work with all the cells of the body. Melatonin changes almost all cells into magnetic forms when they are performing with the Pineal on a magnetic basis.

Melatonin also acts as a neutralizing agent to Serotonin. An overproduction of Serotonin may cause a syndrome that leads to diseases that are characterized by speeding heart beats from which the following symptoms emerge: fear and flight, anxiety and anger, stress and frustrations, and doubt and insecurities. Serotonin is responsible for everything that destabilizes and disorients you.

Melatonin on the other hand harmonizes your inter and intracellular rhythms by increasing your motivation to think constructively, productively, and creatively. Melatonin gives you joy and make you feel good about yourself because it’s your neurotransmitter of: reason, constructive communication, care, concern, patience and morality.

For someone who is supposed to be a medical doctor that guy completely discounted the importance of the Pineal Gland and Melatonin. His explanation of Winter Blues definitely falls into the realm of theory but Professor MOmOh does not theorize when it comes to the functions of the brain. To find out more about the true functions of the Pineal Gland visit The Dohgon University Of Thought

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