The Bully with the Bullet- The Wise Man with the Brain

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Why is the EYE OF HERU on the caucasian dollar bill?
Why is The EYE OF HERU on the caucasian media broadcast system?
Why is the EYE OF HERU a trademark of caucasian freemasonary?

Certainly the caucasian uses Our ANKHcestors Eye on their paper money, yet can’t explain what that Powerful Eye symbolizes. You also see the Eye as an icon of cbs news logo. Again, they will not describe its value. Next, they have the Eye as emblems in all their secret society and freemasonry hell house, to guard them against themselves, not us. So what’s going on” What’s going on is exactly what went on when the greeks and romans destroyed our civilization. It’s their Fear Of Our Greatness-Our Powerful 3-Concentric Layered Intelligences.

This fear has been their greatest source of insecurity, inferiority complex, self doubt, self-devaluation and a whole lot of inadequacies. Think about this as a child bully in the classroom. This child must be very insecure, self-defeatist and suspicious of every other child on the playground. So, what must he do? Bully first and make up a nice story that the other child was threatening him. This bully child will get away with it if there were no witnesses. But soon witnesses will begin to appear, and the bully will no longer win the argument. The causasian system knows better than to make a story up. It makes laws to sustain its despicable behaviour. Just go back and look at the laws this caucasian race established during slavery. For 300+ years they made this heinous, satanic and barbaric behaviour lawful, and called it christian and democratic.

Today we have similar laws that return people to that same slave era. Think about the american patriot act, and see what’s happening now. Then go and check british, european, and arab laws. They function on the same barbaric premise. These races definitely make constant moves. So, what’s our race doing? Before, we were sitting on our brains, but not any more. Our brains finally got fatigued and flattened, being under our backsides. Now our brains are back in our heads and thinking. And for real, our thinking will never cease to keep on and keeping on thinking! Our 3 intelligences resonate! Ashe! Ashe! Ashe! to our great ones IMHOTEP, NARMER, THE THREE PRIESTESSES, ASHE-AMENTA.

Are there really any “rude awakenings“? NO! There are only TRUTH REALIZATIONS, and these can be very pernicious!

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