Skin Bleaching

Skin Bleaching, An AfRAkan Problem

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Throughout many parts of AfRaka, the Caribbean, North and South America and most regions where AfRAkan people inhabit a shocking trend is taking place. People with beautiful black to golden brown skin are using chemical creams to alter the pigments in their skin in order to make their skin whiter. Some of these “dummies” are stating “it’s good to have beautiful, fair light skin”, while some others use the excuses of wanting to even out blotchy uneven tones.

These Black people are using skin bleaching  creams, gels, and even pills containing melanin-inhibiting ingredients along with sunscreen. These products also contain varing amounts of hydroquinone and mercury. Some cosmetic companies use natural ingredients to make melanin-inhibiting products. Those ingredients are extracted from plant leaves that contain naturally occurring arbutin which is effective in bleaching human skin.

The problem of skin bleaching in AfRAkan people is 100% psychological. It is obvious that they have been brain washed into believing that with lighter skin they will not only look better but they will also do better in life. Ironically, you have millions of caucasian who cant produce enough Melanin so they have to sit in the sun for hours to tan their skin in order to have a better looking complexion.

why are these foolish AfRAkans trying to bleach away the essence of their Souls? Are they trying to destroy the Melanin that they have been blessed with. The precious melanin that puts them in direct communication with the spiritual universe. Afrakan people, the Melanin in your skin is not a curse! Nature makes no mistakes.

As Black AfRAkan people we have suffered so much trauma over the past 2000 years. Most of us have lost our cultural and spiritual identity. We have been conquered, brain washed, and assimilated into european and arab cultures. Our Drums have been silenced. Our rhythm is interrupted. We can tell you when the next world cup is but we cant tell you when the next full moon is. We no longer pay attention to nature so when the sun flares we think it’s a sign from some mythical god.

As AfRAkans we have lost our traditional languages through centuries of colonization. Our mother tongues have now become english, french, portugese, and dutch. Even the popular Swahili language is merely a mixture of AfRAkan and arab words. We have lost our connection to nature and science. Now we rely on a clock to tell time. Now we rely on the news to know the weather and whats happening to our neighbor next door. Now we no longer rely on the power of Numbers. Instead they rely on european education to interpret reality.

Many Black AfRakans have lost their Spiritual identity. Now they practices european christianity and arab islam. They blow up, burn, and chop each other in the name of religion and politrix for others to look and say, see the AfRakan is dumb. With all this psychological trauma no wonder you want to change your skin color and run away from yourself.

Most AfRakan descendants don’t know that their anchestors ran this planet for 900,000 years until nature decided to make a change. They don’t know that this change is only temporary and that only the Dohgon people hold the ANKHsers for surviving in the new millennium. AfRakan people, it’s time to heal the trauma. Come to professor MOmOH of the Dohgon to find out why melanin and Melatonin are essential to your Soul and Spirit.

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