Professor MOmOh Knows Everything

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Suffering from Depression, PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder), Anxiety, Fear, Autism or Alzheimer’s? Do you believe that you can ever be healed without medicine? NO? Allow me to introduce you to professor MOmOH, the man who knows everything about the human brain. His discovery of the basic formulas for human thought, memory, and concentration has enabled him to decipher the codes to the dark universe known as the human mind.

Professor MOmOH is a direct descendant of the Dogon people of Mali West Africa. The Dogon are proven to have extensive knowledge of astrology way before modern technology. For instance, they knew that the star Sirius which is the brightest star in the night sky is actually a binary star. It wasn’t until the mid 19th century that astronomers actually proved it. Professor MOmOH traces his lineage back to his great great great grandfather who thought at the universities in Timbuktu.

An obsessive learner, Professor MOmOH obtained degrees in engineering and mathematics at a young age. Later he expanded his knowledge into areas of Neurology and the Life Sciences. His fascination for numbers made it easy to developed useful formulas for the complex problems that he encountered in his career as a mining engineer. However, it wasn’t until 1984 that he experienced a “eureka” moment when all the hidden mysteries began to unravel and the understanding of the inner and outer universes started to make sense.

Living in Los Angeles California at the time of the 1984 Olympics prof MOmOH decided to document and study the performance of every athletes that was competing in the event as possible. After the event was over he charted and studied all his data he had compiled. It was then that he discovered that there were 5 zones of mental concentration which determined the achievement of each individual athlete. He subsequently observed that these same 5 codes also applied to each and every human no matter the age or circumstance.

Today professor MOmOH has the answers that will cure any disease and even explain the creation of the universe itself. He works with ADHD youth and people of all ages and cultures. He has founded a school called The Dohgon University Of Thought where he lectures, teaches, and does online correspondence. He has developed the The Pineal Gland Tester Gauge which is the only method in the world for measures your Serotonin syndrome and Melatonin Symphony ratios.

Too much Serotonin causes a syndrome that leads to diseases that are characterized by speeding heart beats from which the following symptoms emerge: fear and flight, anxiety and anger, stress and frustrations, and doubt and insecurities. Serotonin is responsible for everything that destabilizes and disorients you.

Melatonin on the other hand harmonizes your inter and intracellular rhythms by increasing your motivation to think constructively and productively. Melatonin gives you joy and make you feel good about yourself because it’s your neurotransmitter of: reason, constructive communication, care, concern, patience and morality.

It is natural to be skeptical, that is why he offers numerous testimonials of his achievements. On his website you will find many testimonials that his non invasive medical cures work from people who he has helped over the past 25 years. Also included is a detailed account of how Professor MOmOH was able to heal himself in 1994 of a partially paralyzing stroke and how he cured an 82yr old woman of Alzheimer’s disease. These and many more amazing accounts can be found on his website at Also see his many videos at you-tube.

Professor MOmOH is so confident that he challenges anyone to dispute his knowledge. Think you know more about the mind, the universe, and the building blocks of life? Professor MOmOH says you don’t and through his use of simple NUMBERS he can heal you and teach you what you need to know for a happier, healthier and more productive life.

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