Is There Life After Death?

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Our Minds Don’t Die!


Although we all leave this Universe, and transcend on, where exactly do we go? We go to where we have been already… and that is what we define as Our Purpose. Did you have a Purpose of AcCOUNTability? AcCOUNTability means being in tune with TIME.

Was your TIME slow or fast???
Was your TIME chaotic or realistic?

Was your TIME expansive or constricted?

If your TIME was chaotic, constricted and unAcCOUNTable, then you know for sure you are going to where the particles that formed your soul (physical being) emerged. That place is the surface of the Sun. You will be part of those that keep fighting and fighting to free themselves from the burning fires of the Sun. The struggle that you will have to free yourself from those fires is what you’re seeing today as sun flares.

The sun flares that we all observe are the souls of those who behaved as the devils of chaos, greed, human destruction, hate, and arrogance on this Planet. It’s estimated that the Sun has another 5 billion years before it becomes a dead star. So, if you were to die today, prepare yourself for millions of years burning in that fire to completely cleanse your soul before you proceed to that beautiful place where there is the INFINITY of all the beauties that we built when we built the pyRAmids in KMT(Egypt)

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