I Am An AfRAkan

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I Am An AfRAkan. Af means first, RA means sun, and Ka means soul.

A descendant of AfRAkan slaves, I know my identity. My ancestors dwell inside of me. They take turns sharing the light that enters through my eyes. They are very curious but not obnoxious. They allow enough light to soak into my brain cells for me to properly decipher reality. What I see may not be what you see because I also process the dark energy of the cosmos that comes in through my Pineal Gland which I convert into thoughts and ideas. So what do I see?

“I see children of originals doomed to lose while teachers and preachers remain confused.” X-Clan.

It is 2011 and descendants of AfRAka worldwide are suffering greatly. Most of us are in a state of trauma that we don’t even recognize so we continue to cause damage to ourselves and society at large. In America a very large percentage of us are locked away in cages, victims of an unfair judicial system steeped in racial biases. We all know that different races get different treatment for the same crime. When a white person kills someone he is determined to be psychologically defective and is often deferred for treatment and rehabilitation, When a Black person kills someone he is seen as an animal that deserves to be executed or locked away for life.

In our colleges and universities our children are partying, rioting, and fighting each other instead of learning. (They must not be learning the right things) In the streets Black youth are killing each other over drugs, money, and bling (jewelry). They engage in destructive activities such as frying their brain cells with drugs and destroying their bodies with alcohol. Our young women are selling sex in the form of prostitution and stripping.

Almost everywhere that we look we see the AfRAkan in a state of regression. South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and back to mother AfRAka, it’s all the same. The way I see it there are two options for the AfRAkan; keep trying to assimilate with the European or work on re-defining our own reality. We have had great civilizations in the past and we will do it again. The new age of Aquarius is upon us, it’s time to wake up.

AfRAkan Digression: In analyzing how we got to where we are today I will refer to the process of colonization and exploitation at the hands of the Europeans as well as the cultural assimilation with the Arabs and the Indians. Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon university of Thought, the man who knows everything explains our origin like this; The first human to appear on planet Earth was Mother Tang.

Mother Tang emerged from very complex permutation processes between photon particles and Waves, that drive them, from Sun light to Earth. MTHR TANG appeared on the eastern side of Mount Kilimanjaro in the region that for centuries the AfRAkans called TANGanyika. That name was subsequently changed to Tanzania by the Europeans after carving the continent up into colonies. AfRAkans existed in the planet hundreds of thousands of years before European and Arabs came back into AfRAka.

AfRAkans have always lived in accordance with the land and animals. We built great cities, developed agriculture, built schools and studied mathematics, science, and astronomy. Although we were smart and were fierce warriors our demise came about slowly through trading honestly with the Europeans and Arab, whose methods of trade were very self-centered, greedy and profiteering. Trade with AfRAkans started with the Arabs, the southern Europeans, and the Indians.

In north AfRAka where we ventured across the Mediterranean to trade with the Arabs and the southern Europeans, we mixed and assimilated with their cultures and religions and brought them back into AfRAka. Again, demonstrating how free, unsuspecting and welcoming to all forms of ideologies and cultures. The Europeans and Arabs also ventured into AfRAka in great numbers and set up bases for easier trade that eventually grew into cities. The Greeks and Romans, and later the Mameluke, came into Egypt and studied our educational systems and architecture.

AfRAkans not only accepted their cultures we also mixed racially with them. Today it is almost impossible to tell some of us that we are AfRAkan, particularly those who have completely accepted the Arab religion and culture and look like them. On the eastern side of the continent, a similar situation exists but to a lesser extent. Trade across the Indian Ocean produced racial mixes and cultural assimilation with the people of India. The Indians then moved in and set up businesses.

With the enormous amount of money that the Indians, Arab and Europeans made from exploiting AfRAkans, they got the advantage of corrupting weaker AfRAkans, and were able to overpower the AfRakans financially. If you know what happened in Uganda in the 1970s, you’ll remember why General Idi Amin Dada decided to completely clear the country of all Indians and Jews. By the way, the Indian and AfRAkan racial mixes are evident from Madagascar all the way up to Somalia.

The final and most devastating stage of the dismantlement of AfRAkan civilization came about when the northern Europeans; English, French, and Spanish decided that trade was irrelevant, but conquering and enslaving the gullible AfRAkans, and making them labor on farms, thousands of miles from home would be a better choice. In the 1500s after setting up colonies in the new world (Now known as the Americas) they decided that the AfRAkans would be perfect for farming the land to produce food and materials, with no labor costs, for Europe.

Business went very well for over 300 years. At the same time other European countries like the Dutch and Germans who did not initially have colonies in the Americas set up colonies in AfRAka. Like maggots in the belly of a dead carcass they all plundered AfRAka for centuries and got fat. By the mid 1800s, slavery fell apart and ended but they did not give up. In 1884 they all gathered for the now infamous “Berlin Conference” where they laid out a large map of AfRAka on the table and fought each other over who gets what. Lines were drawn strategically and new countries were formed with no regard for the people and tribal groups. In fact some tribes were split so that one part became French while the other parts became Dutch, English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

New systems of suppression were implemented in order to control the AfRAkan and make him subservient. We were stripped of our languages, traditions, and spirituality while at the same time reeducated, and assimilated into European and Arab traditions and religions. The effect was so powerful that even today we AfRAkans fight and kill each other over the religious, linguistic, and cultural differences that were once foreign to us. In most of the Latin colonies of central and South America AfRAkan descendants now consider themselves more Portuguese and Spanish than AfRAkan.

At the same time those racially mixed with whites in Europe and North America are trying their best to disassociate themselves with their AfRAkan side. I say that’s ok. Those who know the truth and refuse to accept it will be left behind. The voices of our ancestors that we have been refusing to acknowledge are getting louder. Some of us are receiving the messages but without the right tuning the ideas being created are coming out wrong. Come to the Dohgon University of Thought and get fine tuned by Professor MOmOH; the AfRAkan who knows everything.






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