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Your Brain is the friendliest organ you have. Unfortunately, you’ve never learned how to enter her world to share her GREAT WISDOM with you. Your Brain is very important because it is the center of consciousness. Consciousness is what defines your present reality based on the efficiency of your sensory organs. In order to Enter and Feed Your Brain you need to know how it works.

First we begin by entering your Brain. How do you know if your brain is functioning properly if you cannot get into it, test, and tune it up. There is means to get you where you want to go, no Shrink or Brain Surgeon necessary. The Dohgon BSI Test is your Brain Ship, or call it Brain rocket to jettison you into the deepest unexplored layers of your brain.

The Dohgon BSI Test is the essential system because it stimulates your brain to function with what the Dohgon describe as DUALITY Communications. DUALITY Communication causes your 2 brain hemispheres to acknowledge what’s external to you and what has always been internal to you. Now, discover what’s always been internal to you in order to make relevant with what’s currently external to you with the following:

Who Am I?

What’s My purpose In Life?

What’s My Responsibility as A human?

Am I Sincere about My Actions?

Am I Exploitative of others Weaknesses?

Am I always Thinking only about Myself at the expense of Others?

The purpose of the BSI test is neurological. It will discover the state of synchronicity between your 2 brain hemispheres. Take a look at the 2 brains above. This test about discovering the problems that affect your mind is a very easy test. You will perform this test in your own kitchen or living room. The test is repetitive at 3 levels, with each level rising to a more difficult level of challenge.

Think of your stria that connects both brain hemispheres as your shoe laces. The shoe lace is a communicator. Its purpose is to ensure that each foot is adequately secure within the confines of each shoe. The tight feeling you get when you tie your shoe laces reassures your safety and enhances your ability to perform properly on your feet. In effect, your shoe laces communicate synchronized sensory feeling within each foot.

Once this feeling is accepted, you can now walk, run, dance and perform many tasks without worrying about tripping and falling. If you do not tie your shoe laces properly, you know that sooner or later, you’ll be tripping. This will make you uncomfortable, unstable and anxious. Imagine this type of feeling and many more that you get with loose stria nerves between your brain hemispheres.

Take the BSI Test to discover how these features have been permeating within you for all your life. The SOLUTIONS are in your hands. STOP covering your back and START exposing your moral CONSCIENCE. Request the BSI Test and discover whether your stria nerves which connect your 2 brain hemispheres, are tight or loose. Only then can you begin to learn how to feed your Brain.

Here’s the challenge: I want as many volunteers as possible to go against both The Dohgon BSI Test and the caucasian most advanced brain navigation instruments. “AND THE WINNER IS THE DOHGON BSI TEST!”

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