How Does Something Abstract Become Real?

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Anything that is abstract will eventually manifest as real. In other words how do particles appear? By the way, this is considered quantum physics. They might have fooled you into believing that it is a difficult subject but to the Dohgon it is quite simple. So let’s enter the world of quantum physics. One of the things that you will KNOW is no physicist on this planet, not one. We don’t care how many PhD’s they have they will ever tell you how a wave transforms into becoming a particle. They haven’t, they don’t know, and they will never know except of course if they learned it from Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon University Of Thought.

This is Pheno-melanin motivation. What is Pheno? Pheno is that which makes relationships or connections. Melanin is the hormone that results in the dark pigmentation of AfRAkans. It is also evident in the hair of the Asians and in dark haired Caucasians. All humans are connected and it is pheno-melanin that creates the connection between all the races. When an idea is created on your mind the id
ea first appears as a wave in your mind. Remember the idea is not real yet, it is abstract and only a wave. Modern science knows nothing about this. In fact they cannot even separate brain, mind, and memory. They think it’s all the same thing.

As stated before, waves enter your mind then they transform into something else in the pheno relationship. In the process of the pheno appearing the waves transform into NUMBERS!
But how you ask? Well every natural number can be described by its harmonics value. You have the first harmonics, second harmonics, and third harmonics and so on. This should tell you that waves in fact are numbers. So what are waves? Waves are infinite and so are numbers. Numbers are infinite and waves are infinite. They have always existed and will always exist.

Inside your brain, the a
bstract enters your mind through your Pineal Gland. If you didn’t know this is where your mind enters your brain. Through your pineal gland the waves transform into numbers. These numbers then appear or come through your left brain. This is how the abstract become the particle. First of all the numbers begin to manifest through what is called the permutation process. The waves go through the permutation process in which they form FLUX. The FLUX then accumulates to form mass and then the mass form particles of matter. It’s that easy. That is how the abstract transforms into the real. How waves transform into matter.

We don’t need to have a huge lab costing millions of dollars tearing down particles to prove anything. Eventually the Guessers will know it too after they spend billions of dollars and poisoned themselves with radiation. It’s so simple I’ll say it again. The waves go through a permutation process (which means change) and the waves change from a f
ull wave to a half wave. The half wave is the flux. The flux then gathers to eventually form mass; the mass then becomes matter, and the matter becomes particles. This is how particles appear.

Getting back to phenol-melanin, which is very important, melanin now, has the ability to make a relationship with vitamin D that comes from the sun. The relationship that this Pheno-Melanin has with the physical universe is just one aspect. The other aspec
t which is below that is the relationship that it has with your Pineal Gland. Remember that your mind comes through your Pineal Gland. Pheno-melanin therefore makes a connection with your Pineal Gland where it makes a further connection with melatonin.

Melanin connects with melatonin therefore the relationship that you have that was external between melanin and vitamin D from the sun now becomes a unified relationship with mel
atonin and your mind. That is the unified forms theory explained right here except this is no theory. If you want to learn more about this contact Professor MOmOH at the Dohgon University of Thought. It didn’t take Professor MOmOH 30 years to unravel this. Einstein took 30 years and still couldn’t find it. For years Professor MOmOh has been inviting all so called physicists to challenge him on this yet none will.

Unified forms theory is ri
ght inside you and everyone. Most of us are lost because we wait for scientists to define reality for us. To understand the world you need to understand you. Find out more about waves, particles, and your mind by ordering the books on our website. They are Idea Creation and Read Your Own Mind First. These books will take you into quantum physics with a thorough understanding of how Waves transmute to becoming particles. You’ll learn about Noumena and phenomena through the Pheno Process. Pheno-Melanin takes you to a higher level of understanding from which greater possibilities will emerge from within you.

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