How To FFINDD YourSelf

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FFINDDing – YouTube.

This book is about finding you yourself my Black People. It’s the FFINDDing YourSelf study. Finding yourself is about your power to be you! This power is right within your own memories and it is interlaced in a matrix. Don’t be turned off by the big words. Big words mean nothing, because I am a teacher who will break down everything for you. Anything that you don’t understand just pick up your phone and call me and ask, “Professor, what did you mean by this? What did you mean by that?” I will spend as much time as I will to explain everything to you.

Again I will say, your power is right within your own memories and those powers are interlaced in a matrix. A matrix is anything that links itself together in different forms of fabric, and if you want to talk about fabric, who are the people that give you the best fabrics? You go to the Ashanti in Ghana. You go to the brothers and sisters over there in Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. Examine the beautiful fabrics of South Africa.

You go anywhere in AfRAka and see what kind of geometry you get in terms of fabric. If anyone can come and dispute that and say, “this man is giving you stories”, you take a trip to AfRAka and see for yourself. Go to the Dohgon! Go and see Dohgon arts today. Even the caucasian will tell you that the Dohgon gave you Cubits and Surreal arts. This is the art that a particular caucasian artist stole and which now sell for millions of dollars.

FFINDDing YourSelf is one of our best selling books. We have been able to provide this book to many of our people. You need it too. If you don’t have it, you better get it. It is also about finding your own memory. Your own individual memories inside your brain connect to each other to make you think effectively, to make you rise above your own procrastinations.

I want you go to your doctors and see if they can solve your procrastination problems. See if they can solve your over weight problems. See if they can solve your heart disease problems without any drugs. Why don’t you come home to FFINDDing YourSelf my brother, my sister! FFINDDing YourSelf is your own power within your own memories. FFINDDing YourSelf depends on the 5 types of memory matrices that exist inside your brain.

FFINDDing YourSelf is about the Externally Induced Matrices that you have inside your brain that has to synchronize with the Internally Induced Matrices. And when the external and internal matrices come together you know who is going to win. You know the internal matrix within you is going to kick the external matrix out.

Let me reiterate that because you may want confirmation from your professional or doctor on that. Please do, and tell them, “hey, challenge this man Professor MOmOH. Because he is always saying stuff that he thinks he knows everything”. And yes, I know everything! Take this to who ever you want to take it. Take this to the department of health. Take this to the department of education. Take it anywhere. I don’t care.

In fact, I’m waiting for someone to challenge me. Even to take me to court. I’m tired of the lies that are destroying us all. I’m saying that there are externally induced matrices that dis-configure you. Externally induced matrices that come inside your brain that dis-configure you completely, that give you the procrastination, that give you the heart attacks, that make you passive, that make you not think for yourself, that always make you BELIEVE and have FAITH!

You know that you are being DECIEVED! Well, FFINDING YourSelf is going to bring you home to the Internally Induced Matrices. FFINDING YourSelf is going to bring you home to the Internally Induced Matrices! How does it do this? Get this book! Get this book today and don’t procrastinate. Solve your problems and rise above code4, the externally induced matrix. Discover your own codes for better living.

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