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The Dohgon University Of Thought has expanded rapidly since its inception. We have made breakthrough strides in many fields concerning the human brain and mind. We have developed natural treatments for ADHD, Autism, Alzhimer’s Disease, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Fear and Procrastination. We have designed the only test in the world that measures the efficiency of the human PINEAL GLAND, the BSI Test.

Perhaps you may have noticed that humanity is falling deeper into crisis. Wars, famine, natural disasters, and strange new diseases have left many people experiencing fear, anxiety, and depression. These people are searching for answers to their ever increasing personal problems that traditional medicine, religion, and science cannot and will never be able to answer.

The Dohgon have the answers. It is just a matter of reaching the people with the treatment designed to meet their individual needs as everyone is different. Although we have come this far there is still a long way to go. Our limited resources will not allow us to expand to our full potential.

To that end we have embarked on a goal to raise $3 million dollars to build a new teaching and research facility. This new facility will allow us to expand our research in the areas of; ADHD, PTSD (Cures for Adults and Children, where the curing process is individualized, rather than generic), Alzheimer’s Disease, Addiction and Anxiety problems, Strokes, and Cancers.

Consider contributing as much as you can to assist in this venture. Your assistance is much appreciated. Our non-profit number is available upon request. Also please read our testimonials page. Testimonials



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