Mission Accomplished, Bin Laden Killed

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May 1st was already an historic day in world history but now it could gain a higher status. After almost 10 years of pursuing the man responsible for the infamous events of 911 it is finally mission accomplished. Osama Bin Laden the worlds most wanted man has been killed by US Special Forces. For most Americans it is a welcomed sigh of relief and a sign of closure. The consensus among everyone affected by the destruction at ground zero of the world trade center complex and the hijacked airlines was that the souls of their loved ones could not rest until those responsible were brought to justice.

For years Bin Laden has seemingly thumbed his nose at the West. He regularly put out video taped statements basically reinforcing his belief that the US would never find or kill him. All while a conglomeration of armies, secret services, and mercenaries from several countries searched feverishly for him. It was a campaign that resulted in the deaths of thousands of soldiers and civilians on both sides from Afghanistan to Pakistan. But with his death the war does not stop, the mission still continues to put his organization of terror out of business.

Americans have given up allot of personal freedoms for the security of knowing that the country is safe. No fly lists and increased airport security, tapped phone lines, internet stream lining, and heightened mistrust of our friends, neighbors, and acquaintances have become the norm. All those hardships coupled with the uncertainty about whether the military could get the job done over seas to ensure that more acts of terror would not be repeated on American soil. The sensitivity of the nation has been on edge for a very long time so who can blame people for celebrating in the streets.

Many conspiracy theories have cropped up over the years. The most extreme of which claimed that the whole 911 terror act was completely planned and carried out by the US government. But although there are numerous amounts of compelling evidence to suggest that it may have been so, there remains one proof to suggest otherwise. Osama Bin Laden himself proudly claimed ownership of the planning and execution of the entire mission.

Perhaps the only thread of conspiracy thought present in my mind is that Bin Laden’s mission got help that was unknown to him from powerful unknown sources with devious ulterior motives. What those motives are may forever remain in the realm of speculation. Some say it was an imperialistic move in order to solidify US world supremacy. Others say it was all about a Christian crusade in order to stem the rising popularity of Islam. I say if there was an ulterior motive it has to be purely economical. Money is the blood of business and big business aims to go global.

Mere hours after hit fake images of a dead Bin Laden began to circulate like wildfire around the internet. However, those images were quickly revealed to be fakes. Crafty people with photoshop can do anything. The important thing to note is that the government has not released any official pics of Bin Laden and they say that they may never do so. The graphic nature of the pictures might upset the sensibility of the Islamic world.

All the lack of proof of his death will do is fuel more conspiracy theories. The most extreme of which will be that they are faking his death to satisfy the American people and also provide reason for bringing the troops home. Obama already promised that the troops will come home this summer so it all seems to fit together nicely. Would Obama then be perceived to be in bed with the deceivers? Maybe. Or maybe he is being deceived also.

Here’s a scenario for you; The Deceivers cook up a plan with Pakistani intelligence to raid some drug lord’s house, kill everyone inside, take their bodies and dump them in the sea so there is no evidence and bam! everyone is happy including Obama who also never saw the evidence only pre photoshopped pics.

It is a fascinating dilemma. The only way that I can judge if Bin Laden is dead for sure is to study the reactions of his followers. The wait and observation time will have to be at least a year. They say he has another video that he sent out some time ago that is making it’s way through the underground and will surface soon. After that video airs and goes away it will be just a wait and see situation.

As the world celebrates the elimination of this enemy of humanity let us not forget that we are all human. We may put our trust in the hands of an higher inspiration but let it be witnessed that no amount of prayer can save you from a terrible faith if your heart is not clean. Look to the Middle East and see that the true nature of man is to be free.

Christians, Muslims, and all other religions, there is a better way to settle our grievances. Start with diplomacy and let it not finish in violence. The world is heading into a new age. An age of peace and prosperity. Clean up your heart and come.

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