AfRAka Must Return To Numbers!

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AfRAkans are the most intelligent race of people on the planet. Every other race came out of us. We are not a prototype; we are the Carbon copy because we hold the original DNA codes for humanity. Our understanding of Numbers and the Spiritual nature of the Universe enabled us to invent everything that is the basis for modern civilization. Algebra, geometry, calculus, and even the binary code that the computer uses were invented by us. AfRAkans were the masters of the mind and spirit because Numbers were the basis of our Spirituality.

With our exceptional abilities we were able to communicate by telepathy, study the stars, understand Nature, and build the Pyramids which still exist today in KMT. It is sad to say that when we look at the condition of AfRAka today our greatness is not evident. Too many AfRAkans are suffering in poverty, sickness, and famine. It is quite evident that the universe has gone into chaos and is in the process of returning to balance. If we are to survive, AfRAkans must return to Numbers.

Where did we go wrong? We went wrong thousands of years ago when we began to do things that went against our nature and the natural laws of the universe. Thousands of years later those things have came back to haunt us. To those of you that blame the white man for our problems, I say it is time for us as AfRAkans to be accountable. We created the white man so he is our burden. For example, you have a teenaged son and he kills someone, you can’t wash your hands of your son and say that you are not also responsible in any way.

It is not an unfair analogy to compare the white man to a boy. We are using that analogy because compared to the AfRAkan, the white man is an adolescent. AfRAkans have been on this planet for over 900,000 years. The white man has only been here about 20,000 years. While he has achieved great things himself, the white man does not respect nature or the AfRAkan.  He kills for sport, pleasure, and malicious intent and he has thought you to be the same using deception and religious brain washing.

Just ask the native Indian how the white man shot all the Buffalo from his train windows as he laughed and placed bets on who can kill the most. He deliberately drove the Buffalo into extinction because he knew the Indian depended on the Buffalo to live. When all the Buffalo died, he captured all the Indians and put them on reservations. He lies, cheats, and steals to get his way, yet he is our burden. We will teach him how to be accountable but he has to be willing to learn.

AfRAkans, you can’t be accountable or teach others how to be accountable if you don’t know how. First you need to break out of the state of trauma that you are in. If you lack confidence in yourself and your abilities then you suffer from trauma. Today we lack confidence in ourselves because we rely on the white man’s interpretation of reality. He tells you to rely on Hope, Faith, and Belief which are all a part of religion, his master manipulation tool.

AfRAkans never believed in religion or a god, we recognized that everything has Spirit. We knew that no part of nature is more important than the next and that nature doesn’t lie. Why do you need a Comforter? That is escapism. You think without hope you cannot have Confidence, Determination, and Perseverance. You think that without Faith you cannot have Joy and Contentment. You think that without Belief you cannot know the Past, the Present, and the Future. Why do you constantly judge your self-worth when all you need to do is be ACCOUNTABLE?

Numbers is our first language and our Spiritual connection to the universe. The European doesn’t have a Spiritual connection to Nature anymore because too many thousands of years in the cold have calcified his Pineal Gland. Now, instead of being balanced by Melatonin, he is ruled by Serotonin. His consciousness was re-conditioned by thousands of years of engaging in savagery. He learned many forms of sorcery and devil worship while conquering, killing, and sticking the heads of his victim on sticks to showcase his barbarity.

When he came back to AfRAka he thought he was a better human yet he had to marvel at the greatness that he saw in KMT. He had no choice but to be humble and learn from our great teachers. At the same time we deviated and procrastinated about what we needed to do to maintain our stature.  IMHOTEP the great physician, mathematician, and architect foresaw the dangers of assimilating with the foreigners and went to great lengths to warn the Pharaohs of his time.

His warnings were not taken seriously because eventually the Ethiopian Pharaoh, Akhenaten broke away from IMHOTEP’s teachings and allowed outside influences to corrupt his rule. Instead of relying on the ancient wisdom of his ancestors, Akhenaten began accepting such non accountable teachings as having hope and faith, and believing in a mystical god. This ideology was spread rapidly across the kingdom and by the time Akhenaten’s son Tutankhamen took over, KMT had fallen beyond repair.

Today we are suffering greatly because of that grave mistake. With the knowledge of our ancient wisdom lost, we have also lost our Spiritual connection to the dark universe. KMT and the entire north regions of AfRAka have been taken over by the Arab.  AfRAkans now call themselves Arabs and Christians and fight to defend those foreign ideologies that has enslaved them physically and mentally. Now we are like the European, searching for how we used to build the pyramids and heal all physical and mental sicknesses.

So, how do you become accountable? You become accountable by learning how to take back control of your BRAIN and MIND by using Numbers. You need to return to being KNOWERS of the TRUTH, because the only TRUTH in the universe comes in KNOWING NUMBERS. You need to KNOW the importance of the NUMBER ZERO and how it is associated with the SPIRIT. You need to KNOW why all Numbers, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are associated with a Color and have an Emotional meaning.

You’ve been conditioned to BELIEVE there is no intelligence or reasoning in anything SPIRITUAL. Now you BELIEVE that SPIRITUALITY is witchcraft and nonsensical. AfRAkans, recognize that our judgement is coming. And no, it won’t be by some mythical god, it will be by the forces of Dark Universe. The Age of Aquarius is coming and the only way to survive is by returning to communicating Spiritually. If we cannot adapt then we will be wiped out along with all the things that our un-accountability to Nature has created. AfRAka you must return to NUMBERS!


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