2 Powerful AfRAkans In America

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In the image above is Professor Emeagwali
, Renowned as “A father of the Internet”. He is West AfRAkan from Nigeria. He is to the right and works with tools. He has solved industries’ most complex problems in human history.

Also in the image is Professor MOmOh. He is West AfRAkan from Sierra Leone with A Dohgon ANKHcestry from Mali. He is to the left and works with the MIND. He has solved education’s most complex problems in human history by writing the only FORMULA for Mental Concentration. It’s with that formula he taught his son who skipped high school and passed the SAT at 14. He entered college at 15, earned the bachelor’s degree at 19, master’s at 21 and Ph.D. at 25.


My wife, MIGHTY Queen, and I are very serious students at The Dohgon University of Thought. In fact, Professor MOmOh is so intuitive about the dynamics of a person’s expressions, that he will quickly identify what the mental strengths of that person entail and what must be done to effectively harness it. My MIGHTY QUEEN is one of 4 examples of Dohgon students who are now authoring different books with this Professor.

We must challenge Professor MOmOh. He is The Professor with The 5 ZONES MA’AThematical Formula. Let’s have him run a 3-month pilot program at Capitol High to prove to those of you who do not know much about his work. Let him prove that his THINKING FORMULA is universal and will work for all types of students. We know he has succeeded with autistic children, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and Special Ed students. This formula is so powerful; it totally cured this man from a paralyzing stroke and prostate cancer, all without any doctor, medical drugs or herbs.

Just last year, this man, in California, 3,000 miles away, awakened a 17-year-old comatose girl in a New York hospital. She had suffered 2 strokes, of which the doctors declared that she would die, but with Professor MOmOh’s intervention, the girl is alive today. There are many more of these testimonials behind this Powerful Professor’s name.

MOmOh-Emeagwali both possesses the FORMULAS. Emeagwali’s formula is packaged as a product—the computer. MOmOh’s formula is procedural as a THOUGHT Process. So, remember, if you teach a child to THINK at 6 years old, that child will develop a powerful MIND, which he/she can prove to the whole world with confidence and great mathematical skill. Professor MOmOh has just proven that to be true on a YouTube video entitled “How to Induce Creativity-1.”

I know we would all prefer Professor MOmOh because a technology that’s more powerful is about to appear that will not require electromagnetic induction. That technology will require the abstract MIND to work it. Professor MOmOh is the future!


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